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Five of my photographic art prints were included in an exhibition courtesy of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (LADCA), in cooperation with the Los Angeles World Airports, LAX and Ontario International Airports, Los Angeles, CA The exhibtion ran from October 2006 – February 2007.

Excerpt from Press Release by LADCA:

“Distinctive Artists of Southern California”

The exhibition features an eclectic array of artworks by eleven Los Angeles artists who live and work in Los Angeles County. The materials these artists use are diverse as the artworks themselves: glass, neon, photography, canvas, wood, bronze, porcelain, tin, and gold paint. The subjects of the artworks are equally varied, including landscapes, famous Los Angeles landmarks, and childhood memories.

The exhibition was on view for ticketed passengers in Terminal 1 (one) at LAX, and in Terminals Two and Four at Ontario International Airport (ONT). The exhibition was on display through February 18, 2007. Bruria Finkel served as the guest curator of the exhibition. Ms. Finkel is an artist and independent curator based in Santa Monica, California.

“The most interesting aspect of Southern California artists is that they are independent.They follow no rules and are not afraid to experiment. The artwork of the eight artists in this exhibit exudes energy, competence, and the desire to embrace the physical and spiritual worlds using a variety of media.” Bruria Finkel, Curator.

Jim Everett description about his art:

Most of the pictures that I regard as my best were taken in the moment, spontaneously. I rarely plan and set up a picture. When photographing, I try and see the world with a childlike fascination and wonder. I get excited – emotion plays a large part in capturing the moment.

I have been fascinated by photographing landscapes, nature, and urban scenes for over forty years. And although I have traveled and taken pictures in over twenty countries, most of my recent pictures, and some of the ones I like best, have been taken in California.

I seek to convey feeling through surreal qualities, enigma, a sense of distance and space, contrast, depth, ethereal lighting, an oblique angle, or a combination of unusual elements. With the more dramatic prints I create, people often are ask “Is that how it really looked?”. My answer is, “The picture is exactly how it felt. ”

To view Jim’s pictures at LAX and Ontario, and see larger versions, go to


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