Jul 202005

Part 2 – Your camera’s purpose – the job it does for you

These questions will help you understand what you want your camera to do, and what features will best meet your needs.

1. What will you be mostly using the camera for? Memories, social events, taking pictures for fun, landscapes, sports, travels, vacation of a lifetime, products for selling, artistic/creative, projects, kids and family?

2. How much use will the camera get? Thousands of pictures a year, or just a few?

3, How robust will the camera need to be? Will it have light use? Will you protect with great care? Or will it need to withstand rough treatment or weather, or even having kids use it?

4, Does the camera need to be versatile to handle everything from social events to landscapes, or something more more specialized (such as pet pictures)?

5, Do you have any special challenges? Low light, long shots (sports, wildlife), extra wide shots (room interiors), or very close shots (flowers or jewelry).

6. Is it replacing a film camera?

7. Will this be your main or only camera, or is it an extra?

8. Is this your first camera, so you don’t really know how you will use it yet?

9. Do you prefer a camera with a carry-case, or one ready to just grab and shoot?

Future posts will cover:
– Using and sharing the pictures you take
– Your “user experience” with the camera
– Desires, needs and barriers
– Owning and using a digital camera
– Feeling good about your decision
– When and where to buy your new digital camera


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