Jul 202005

Part 1 – Know your needs before you look at features!

Your digital camera is as individual as you are and as personal your favorite pen. It’s your camera – get the one that works for you!

People buying a digital camera usually focus on price, brand, features, size and appearance. Or they buy the camera a trusted friend says is best.

These factors are important at the end of looking at your needs – not the beginning. And your friend might have different picture-taking needs from you.

So start with yourself – how are you going to use the camera, what kind of experience you want, and what is important to you.

Answer these questions first and you will have a better idea what to look for with your new digital camera’s features and requirements, and what’s the right amount to spend.

Future posts will cover:
– Your camera’s purpose – the job it does for you
– Using and sharing the pictures you take
– Desires, needs and barriers
– Owning and using a digital camera
– Feeling good about your decision
– When and where to buy your new digital camera


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