Feb 232010

This is the triptych I showcased at Photo Expo 2010, in my session “Express Your Inner Artist”. It is sunset at Monument Valley. Click on it to see it larger.

Photomation of Anaheim created the prints from my image files, and did the three gallery wraps. They used a thin luster laminate to protect the surface, and avoid edge splitting on the wrap.
The end result was perfect – true colors and luminance, and the canvas texture showed through just right. Their advice to use the “mirror” wrap for this type of subject, that reverses the last part of the image along the front edges, and used that to take the image around the edge was right on. Thanks guys!
Up close, you can see the acrylic painterly effect I gave the image with a careful use of the Smart Blur Filter in Photoshop. This also can be done in Photoshop Elements. I have just discovered this effect, similar to the Cutout Filter, but retains all the colors. More on this in later blogs.

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