Apr 302009

Apple recently included my iTunes podcast, “Digital Photography and Artistry” in a worldwide email promo. Very exciting! And two new episodes will be added in the next week or so – “Improving in iPhoto” and “Artistry in Aperture”.

To subscribe to the RSS version (xml), click here. You will be taken to the basic feed, with access to all the media.

To view and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, you will need the application/program iTunes on your computer. Download iTunes from Apple.

When you have installed iTunes, go to the iTunes Store, enter Jim Everett in the search box at top right. In the box “Podcasts” over at the left, you should see the image of the red flower and the title. Click on that and my podcast panel and list will open. Double-click on any title to view it in iTunes. To return to the list, click on the circle with an X, in the top left of the viewing window. Do not close the window or you will close the whole podcast.

If you want to subscribe, and automatically download future episodes, click on the “Subscribe” button up at the left beside the image. To download any free episode, just click on the “Get Episode” button in the listing, and the download to iTunes on your computer will start.

And if you like what you see, please take a moment to rate the podcast and add a comment. Thanks, and enjoy.

Click to view the latest episode on When and Why to crop and enhance in iPhoto.


  2 Responses to “My Podcast in Apple Promo!”

  1. Hey Jim, can you post a link to the podcast, or am I just missing it 🙂 ?

  2. Greg-you will need to view it via the iTunes application, downloadable from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/. Then search on “Digital Photography and Artistry”.

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