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Photo books are the newest and most exciting way to share images, make visual stories, capture events and family history, preserve vacation memories, give children their own family albums, and document projects. They can also be simply a personal creative expression or a wonderful portfolio of artistic expression.

Use them for a variety of purposes: vacations and trips (either as journal stories or as stunning showpieces); holiday gifts; in-memoriam books of a loved one or honored citizen; tributes and celebrations – 50th wedding, turning 80, turning 21, graduation.

There can be a book for each major household event or project – home renovation, vintage car restoration, starting a restaurant, modelmaker collections, a much-loved garden through the seasons, or a even personal portfolio of interesting or expressive photography.

If you have a loved one in assisted care, with dementia or alzheimers, a wonderful and caring aproach is to create a tribute or memory book for that person. The images of their life brings great joy.

With the range of books, styles, quality, formats and services available to you, whether online or at your local camera store, you can take advantage of this and create wonderful bound books, for whatever purpose you need. Please listen to the more detailed audio presentation I have created for you. Just click below.

12min audio of all the things you can do with photo books.

Download a PDF transcript of the audio.


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