Dec 272008

Are you planning to swoop up a bargain digital camera in the post-holiday selling spree?

Here are a few thoughts based on my experiences, especially today with my wife’s current 10MP model.

Should I choose a see-thru viewfinder or just the display? I really think a see-thru viewfinder is a must.

Even some of the brightest displays are hard to see in bright daylight. You can buy a snap-on hood, but why should you? Unless you will use the camera only for indoors pictures, or at night, then seriously consider buying one with the see-thru viewfinder.

Also, it is harder to hold the camera steady when you are holding it out at arms length, using the display to frame the shot. Especially under low light conditions when the camera will lower the shutter speed.

One big plus of using the display to line up your shot is that you are more likely to frame it better than when you look through a viewfinder. Why? When most people look though a viewfinder, they “bulls-eye” the subject’s face (put it in the middle). With the display, you will more likely put the subject on one of the “thirds”.

If you have comments about your experience (good or bad) with a little digital camera, add a comment here.

Happy shopping!


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