Jan 082008


This was taken Monday from the Kenneth Hahn Recreation Reserve off La Cienega. After a weekend of snow in the mountains, the hills and mountains around LA were blanketed with snow. Within a day or so, most of this will disappear from the lower slopes. So I was opportune in being able to capture this on a clear day.

©2008 Jim Everett Photography

This opens a super-wide, larger pano of LA, showing South, Central and Hollywood, and more. To view it full size, click the image once it loads. If you want to download the image, Right-Click.
(Be patient – it’s large (8MB). If Internet Explorer won’t work, try Netscape, Firefox, Safari).

Can you find the Sweeney Todd poster? Griffith Observatory? The Coliseum? Paramount Studios Water Tower?


  3 Responses to “Panorama of LA with Snow”

  1. Great photo, and greetings from holland

  2. I couldn't find Waldo…

    Very impressive pic. What hardware do you use to take these panoramas? Is it a motorised tripod-mounted jobbie or do you stitch multiple pics together?

  3. To Jack on the Net – thanks.

    To MikeR – Thanks. I use a Nikon D200. Sometimes with tripod, sometimes handheld with care. See my post and video from the TV spot on Lab With Leo (also on iTunes) about pano shoot techniques. I use PhotoMerge in Photoshop to stitch. Main trick is to use a standard focal length or zoom (not wide angle); keep horizon level and in same place in frame, lock exposure and focus, overlap around 15%.

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