Jan 082008


Over this past weekend, LA had some heavy rain, falling as snow in the mountains. With the rain, and some clearing winds, there was a wonderful vista of downtown, with the mountains behind. This morning, I drove to my favorite nearby vista point and took dozens of images, including panoramas. This is the very last shot I took, as I was walking to the car. More to come – stay tuned.

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  4 Responses to “Los Angeles Snow View”

  1. It looks like it was taken from Debs Park. I'm sending it to a friend in Europe.

  2. This was taken from Kenneth Hahn park, off La Brea. Hope your friend in Europe enjoys the view.

  3. I love this picture 🙂 Missing L.A. May i use it as a profilepicture adding ur name to it? Would be so great.

    Best wishes from Sweden!

    • Glad you enjoy the image. I posted it for people to enjoy. However, to use it on your page, you will need to pay for a license. Let me know if that is what you have in mind and, if so, how and where you want to use it and I will give you a pricing. I am considering (when I get time) creating some images that I will make available for free, but this image is one that people purchase to use. All the best. Jim

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