Dec 212006

Just completed an interview on Sirius Radio, with Gus Lloyd. You can see a summary of my talking points below, in case you want more detail. Just click on “Capturing Holiday Memories” at the right.

Gus asked about accessories, and we did not cover them all. Make sure you have a storage card that will hold all the pictures you take. For today’s typical point and shoot of 6 megapixels or more, getting a 1 GB card should be plenty for a day. But on vacation, I recommend getting a second card.

And make sure that you absolutely have a second battery – and always keep it charged. If the camera uses replaceable batteries – keep a second set (at least) in hand.

Gus mentioned a tripod. Not a bad idea – and get one that you will likely take with you for those group shots you want to be in, or for where there is very low light.

Carry cases can protect you camera, especially those with no covers on the lens. And have a lens cleaning cloth handy.

And if you want advice on buying a camera, then check out my podcast on iTunes at “Digital Snapshots” – I give a day’s worth of expert advice in under 20 minutes in a video I created this time last year. And there is and audio podcast too, with lots of tips for “Group Shots”.

You can also find these and others online as podcasts at

And if you get some great shots as a result of listening to my interview on Gus Lloyd’s show, or from any of the tips you get here of from my podcasts, please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you.

Hope you get some great shots over the holidays, have a happy time, and travel safely.


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